Select multiple count in one result set in sql and C#.

Here, you can select multiple counts from different – 2 tables in one result set. with multiple coulumn names.

i used insight databse ORM in C#.

First i created a Model in c# where result set will bind with Columns name and model property name.

public class AnalyticsModel
        public int totalAppointments { get; set; }
        public int totalPrescriptionRenewal { get; set; }
        public int totalNumberOfDropInsPerDay { get; set; }
        public int totalRequest { get; set; }

And Now My Store Procedure in SQL

CREATE PROC [dbo].[AnalyticsTotal]

	(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Appointment WHERE MeetingType IN(1,3) AND Status=1) AS [totalAppointments],

	(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Appointment WHERE MeetingType=2 AND Status=1) AS [totalPrescriptionRenewal],

	(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Appointment WHERE IsDropIn=1 AND Status=1) AS [totalNumberOfDropInsPerDay],

	(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Appointment WHERE MeetingType IN(1,2,3) AND Status=1) AS [totalRequest]


And in last i got my result set in my DataClass.

var Result = DB.QuerySql<AnalyticsModel>(@"Exec [dbo].[AnalyticsTotal]").FirstOrDefault();

Here QuerySql is the method of Insight Database ORM.

You can Install in your visual studio from nuget package manager.

Install-Package Insight.Database -Version 6.2.8

Get only time or only Date from a datetime string in SQL

If you have a datetime in string format or as varchar, than you can cast this string or varchar in datetime format.

And if you want to retrieve only date or only time from datetime than query is below.

CAST() method, you can use for conversation from any format to any other format in SQL


CAST(’01/14/2019′ AS DATETIME)

CAST(’01/14/2019′ AS TIME)

CAST(’01/14/2019′ AS DATE)