Create window Inbound firewall rule for sql server 1433 port through programmatically

By 3rd December 2018C#

Here you can create inbound firewall rule for sql server 1433 port with multiprofile Domain, Public and Private through C#.

First you have to import a dll from your system “C:\Windows\System32/FirewallAPI.dll”.
Add this DLL to your project reference.
Go to solution explorer in visual studio -> References->Add Reference->click on Browse button near ok and cancel button -> browse path C:\Windows\System32/FirewallAPI.dll and add the dll.

After adding dll use namespace “NetFwTypeLib” in your code like this at above program.
using NetFwTypeLib;

using NetFwTypeLib;

namespace ConsoleAppTestDemo
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Type tNetFwPolicy2 = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("HNetCfg.FwPolicy2");
            INetFwPolicy2 fwPolicy2 = (INetFwPolicy2)Activator.CreateInstance(tNetFwPolicy2);

            // Let's create a new rule
            INetFwRule2 inboundRule = (INetFwRule2)Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID("HNetCfg.FWRule"));
            inboundRule.Enabled = true;
            //Allow through firewall
            inboundRule.Action = NET_FW_ACTION_.NET_FW_ACTION_ALLOW;

            //For all profile
            inboundRule.Profiles = (int)NET_FW_PROFILE_TYPE2_.NET_FW_PROFILE2_ALL;

            //Using protocol TCP
            inboundRule.Protocol = 6; // TCP
            //Local Port 1433
            inboundRule.LocalPorts = "1433";
            //Name of rule
            inboundRule.Name = "SQLRule";
            // Now add the rule
            INetFwPolicy2 firewallPolicy = (INetFwPolicy2)Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID("HNetCfg.FwPolicy2"));

After that you can check your firewall inbound rule.

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